Last night’s dinner service was a lot of a fun! Even though it was a rainy fall day, everyone’s heart was warm. Our team from North Church had a blast putting dinners together for our foster families, boxed up, hot and ready to serve as soon as our families got home. Complete with rotisserie chickens, hot potatoes with all the fixin’s, salad and homemade cookies for dessert, the dinners were a hit. Our team arrived early to get the meals pulled together. Once boxed up and labeled, they were ready for a quick pickup. So when the family arrived between 5 and 5:30 and gave us their name, we were able to send one person in to grab their box, while the other team member connected with them, got prayer requests and gave encouragement. All but one family were able to come to the church for pickup. The last family had transportation issues, so a couple from our team volunteered to drop it off for them. After we were done, we gathered over some pizza, shared stories and spent some time praying for all the requests we gathered. We’re hoping to stay connected with some of the families we served last night. And I’m sure everyone will be open to doing it again soon enough.

Organizing dinners
Building dinners
Serving dinner to foster dad.
Getting prayer requests

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