Our Mission

The mission of Spokane127 is to connect families in the body of Christ to agencies and organizations that serve the needs of broken families so there is a family waiting for every child in need.

Who We Are

Spokane127 is a program of the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative that is rooted in the biblical principles of adoption and hospitality found in James 1:27, an admonition to the church to  care for widows and orphans. Single moms are modern-day widows; foster children are today’s orphans.

What We Do

Spokane127 connects, encourages and equips those families called to serve. We do this by training churches how to create support groups for foster and adopting parents and how to create a culture of orphan care.

Spokane127 works closely with the Children’s Administration unit in the Dept. of Children, Youth and Families, and with  foster care and adoption recruitment and training agencies.

Our Passion

It is our passion that the Christian community serve lost and broken families in this region by sharing the love and hope of Christ.

Our Story

Nathan and Rami Henry moved from Denver to Spokane with their three kids in 2019. In Colorado, Nathan and Rami were foster-adoptive parents and participated with an organization called Project1.27. Unknown to them until a year after they moved, Spokane Fatherhood Initiative formed Spokane127 (in 2017) to support Foster families in Spokane and had been praying for new leadership since early 2019. Nathan connected with SpoFI in November 2020 and officially took over direction of the Spokane127 in November of 2021.

Next Steps…

The children in Spokane need YOU. Click the button to find ways you can get involved to help children who need loving homes, adult role models, a warm coat or just a word of encouragement. You can make a difference in these children’s lives. Are you being called? Click the button to explore the possibilities.