Our February prayer focus: Teens in Care.

Teens in foster care face many unique challenges, with longer history of instability:

  • They have often experienced a higher number of placements.
  • Likely have lapses in their education journey.
  • In addition to family instability, the high number of placements means repeated disruptions in social/friend network supports.
  • Transportation challenges, like reduced access to a car, make it harder to get a job, earn money and enjoy the increased freedom their peers are experiencing.
  • Statistics stack against them in regard to drugs, alcohol and pregnancy.
  • Foster parents or other authority figures present ample opportunity for conflict.
  • Facing the possibility of aging out of care, and all the negative impacts that brings.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Each situation is unique. God knows each and every one intimately. None of these things are what they chose for their life and all of them are outside of the heart of God for their life. Join us in praying for the reversal of these things and more. Ask God, the promised Father to the fatherless, to bring healing, stability, and wholeness through networks of support and loving community. Pray they would have belonging, identity, and purpose. Pray that the church would see, welcome, and minister to this group of hurting youth in our city. Ask God how you can be part of the solution.

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