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We believe in supporting Child Welfare Social Workers through acts of radical hospitality.

Through our Social-LIGHT program, Spokane127 connects volunteers from local Spokane church communities to a child welfare social worker for the purpose of providing encouragement, support, and courage to continue interceding for vulnerable children.

Children with one social worker are over 4x more likely to achieve permanency than in cases where there is social worker turnover.

– National Center for Crime and Delinquency

Child Welfare  Social Workers

If you are a Child Welfare Social Worker, we know your job is BIG and often overwhelming! When you join our Social-Light Program you will be paired with an individual, family, or group in our community to help offer support and encouragement by way of letters, texts, encouraging notes and gifts as you continue to fight on the front-lines for the most vulnerable children in our city.

Social-LIGHT Volunteers

By becoming a Social-LIGHT, you commit to encourage and support your matched Social Worker for one year. This can look like a quick monthly text to let them know you are praying for them, a card of encouragement, or even a treat mailed to their office. Review the guidelines and sign-up by clicking below!